❤ @young_d

Happy 2 and a half years to @young_d 😘

Left photo: taken in July 2012 Right photo: taken today (April 2013) I was never fat, just never lean. Now I’m proud of what I’ve done through 9 months of exercising. A lot of speed bumps slowed me down but I got over them and got back to it! I’m more tanned now too #lookingbetter #fitness #stillunfit #dontlookitasbad

Come into #Bardot #RundleMall coz it’s wig day! What do you think? I think I can pull it off #blondeshavefun #blondehairdontcare

I ❤ Wednesdays #unilife #rocknroll

Rocky Balboa and Wonder Woman… Guess who packed more of a punch 👊

I am absolutely fucked. Have just enough energy to take a selfie #whatislife

Serendipity = @young_d. We worked hard to get there, we worked when we were sick, we worked until it made us sick, we worked overtime, we worked when we wanted to quit. But we did it all just for 7 days of paradise. Don’t regret a thing!!! ☀

Our massages were amazing at the spa! @young_d (at Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa)

The Coral Coast was beautiful (at Coral coast)

Beautiful candlelit dinner for our last night @young_d (at Wicked Walu)

The pool bar where @young_d and I got smashed yesterday and met some really cool people (at The Warwick Fiji Resort)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wicked Walu to @young_d and I 😊❤ (at Wicked Walu)

"Bulla!" (at The Warwick Fiji Resort)

Coconut juice (at The Warwick Fiji Resort)